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We bring the technology, skills and expertise you need to create frictionless customer experiences and thriving businesses.

Unlock new opportunities and efficiencies with our fully cloud-native, multi-tenant, digital platform-as-a-service.

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Faster Time to Market at Lower Risk and Cost

Market opportunities wait for no one, which is why our approach focuses on business execution, delivering captured industry-best practices at exceptional speed and cost-efficiency.

Pre-integrated with ready Enterprise Applications Integrations and pre-configured with best-in-class business processes including a simple product catalogue, our Encore digital platform covers all your customer care, commercial and monetisation needs while achieving faster deployment and results.

Tested and Proven

Backed by Industry Experience & Expertise

We understand the increasing price pressures and high CapEx investments that telcos face, which is why our digital platform Encore is specifically built to meet the demands of the hyper-competitive telecom industry, delivering quickly and effectively with minimal overhead.

MyRepublic Digital is the driving force behind MyRepublic, a digital-centric operator who has shaped the Singapore telco landscape and successfully expanded into 4 markets: Encore continues to power MyRepublic’s continued growth and lean operating model.


From Digital Brand to
Digital Ecosystem

Our aim is to enable effective digital transformation for all industries, whether you’re launching a new digital brand, accelerating your digital transformation or expanding your brand into the telco market.

Cloud-native, built with Open APIs, and featuring a configurable microservice architecture, our Encore platform is highly scalable and flexible, with support for cross-industry services and verticals, including B2C, B2B and B2X models.

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