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STL has been recognized as an Enabler for enhanced partner ecosystem support in digital marketplaces in the 2021 Gartner® report, Market Trend: Expand CSPs' Monetization with 5G, AI, Edge Compute. The report also identifies STL as a BSS vendor

Innovations in Optical Fiber: Enabling the Evolution of Next-Generation Telecom Networks

Introduction Users have been demanding higher bandwidth since the 24x7 availability of internet connectivity has become ubiquitous. The COVID-19 pandemic situation has further spurred the demand for higher bandwidth and stable broadband connectivity to support new lifestyle norms. People

STL recognized by Gartner® as a Representative Supplier for Customer Management and Experience (CM&X) Solutions.

"Gartner consider the 20 suppliers listed in the report to be representative of the CSP CM&X solutions market as they represent a wide variety of solutions, offering different portfolios, deployment/ implementation approaches and focus areas for various segments of

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