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Encore Digital Platform

Achieve resounding results in record time with our cloud-native all-digital platform, pre-built with global best-practices and BSS/OSS features.

Pre-Built with Best Practices for Rapid Deployment

A well-defined product capturing best-in-class business practices according to eTOM, Encore enables aspiring digital brands to launch or accelerate their digital transformation quickly, simply and cost-efficiently.

Our multi-tenant platform product approach means that all the key features for a growing digital service provider are ready out of the box including:

Manage Your Products Faster and Smarter

Encore’s centralised, catalogue-driven product data model allows for the agile design and release of B2B and B2C offerings. Stay ahead of the competition and enjoy faster revenue monetisation with the ability to update pricing, offers, campaigns, discounts or rewards in an instant.

With Encore, eligibility rules, feasibility checks and bundling are transparent and repeatable configurations that can be rapidly applied to multiple catalogue and channels. Encore’s extensive revenue management functionality also supports flexible billing cycles, refunds, adjustments, taxes, and payment methods.

Seamless Automation from Order to Cash

Fulfill complex orders and ensure timely service delivery with minimal manual intervention and maximum efficiency. Take the first important steps towards becoming a fully digital brand with Encore’s end-to-end automatic processes and seamless digital integrations.

Encore features a robust customer order and service order management system that has fully transparent run-time view and tracking of provisionings, including resource inventory and automated service delivery integrations, allowing you to keep track of order completions clearly and more accurately.

Consistent, All-Digital Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience while streamlining operational costs with responsive digital channels. The Encore platform features an omni-channel fully featured digital experience with customisable portals and mobile apps, intelligent chatbots and guided self-service.

Agile, Fast and Responsive to Market Needs

Improve business agility with adaptive real-time business processes created from best practices, customer 360° and pre-integrated systems. You’re able to react quickly and intelligently to market changes with Encore’s single-pane view covering customer accounts, orders, payments, and contact history as well as our off-the-shelf analytics and reporting tools for strategic insights across the entire lifecycle.

Encore’s pre-integrations with enterprise and network systems also reduces management overheads, enabling speedy and more reliable deployment and maintenance.

Find out what we can do for you and your customers.

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